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Dear Rob,
The new FPE is ready. Enjoy the pics and plan your order.
The official test reports will arrive soon.
Best regards,
F. P. Engineering
Tél:    00 33 04 78 47 55 77
Fax:   00 33 04 72 17 81 72
9 Allée Beau Site
69410 Champagne au Mont d'Or







UPDATE: Just received the following e-mail from Damien Payart along with pictures (below) of the new FPE motor. More details as they become available.

Jan. 9, 2002
"Dear sirs,

Here are some news about the new FPE engines. Since several months we are working very hard to design a complete new engine. Today the studies are finished are the machining has began.

We think testing the prototype for end of January. The most interesting caracteristics are:

-Machining crankcases in Fortal (very strong).
-Water-cooled crankcases.
-Very small gear box cover to avoid oil change during setting of ratios.
-Special shapes inside the gear box to help the reassembing of the gear box.
-New shifter system (smaller).
-Very compact engine, especially designed for Superkarts.
-2 centimeters less on the ignition side and 8 centimeters less behind the gear box.
-Same fixation as the Rotax 256
-New location of the water pump.
-New cylinders with Aprilia racing ports style.

And more interesting solutions that we can't  inform you before homologation.

The engines will be homologate the 1st of april and available for the European championship. In few weeks we will comunicate the final cost. You could buy a complete engine or only the parts you need.
Would you please inform us of your order intentions to set our quantity of engines.
We will send pictures and informations after the tests.

Best wishes for this new year.

Damien and Francis PAYART"



Damien Payart's company, F.P.Engineering, located in Lyon, France, is making new side-loader cases for the 256 so I am passing on this info to all you 256 guys.

This is a reprint of his e-mail message:

FPE in France builds new crankcases for the Rotax 256 and complete new engines using these cases. We have built them for about one year and have sold 15 units. Most of them are running in the French Championship.

They are CNC milled from solid blocks of FORTAL (except the gearbox cover) and the weight is 6.5Kg with the gearbox side cover. (14.3 lbs.) The extraction of the gearbox is easier because of the large cover (see the picture.)

All Rotax 256 parts can be mounted in these cases without modifications. And, you can also change an old engine (without extractible gearbox) into a side-loader one.

The price in France is 17,000 FF without taxes (approx. $2,600) for the complete crankcase (left+right+cover). shipping to the states will cost about $90.

For more information:

F. P. Engineering
Tél:    00 33 04 78 47 55 77
Fax:   00 33 04 72 17 81 72
E-mail: dpayart@free.fr
9 Allée Beau Site
69410 Champagne au Mont d'Or